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Digital Transitions Featured Artist: July 2021 Steven Barger began his photographic career over 25 years ago before the advent of digital cameras. Using a manual film camera was instrumental in teaching him both the technical and visual aspects [...]

Story Behind The Image “Loving Touch”

A tender moment between grizzly bear mother and her cub-of-the-year in Lake Clark National Park Alaska. I had spent several days observing this mother and her cub from a distance before they felt comfortable with my presence [...]

Story Behind The Image “Supervised Play”

A sequence of images of young polar bear cubs playing on the tundra in Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada while their mother watches intently. These images of a mother polar bear with her two cubs playfully [...]

Story Behind the Image “Gaze”

The riviting gaze of a lynx as he walks out of the forest and onto a remote logging road in British Columbia This past February, I traveled to British Columbia primarily to photograph wolves. The wolves [...]

Story Behind the Image “Interested”

Polar Bear mother with her two month old cubs curiously surveying the area as they prepare to make the trek from Wapusk National Park to Hudson Bay. It is three o’clock in the afternoon, I have [...]

Story Behind The Image “Riding the Wind”

Snowy Owl hovering overhead in strong gusty winds. Its wings are in the full downward position. This image of a snowy owl was taken a couple of years ago in northern Ontario, Canada. During the summer [...]

Story Behind The Image “Golden Peaks”

Sunset at Mt Sass de Putia in the Dolomites in northern Itally Earlier this fall I spent 10 days touring the Dolomites. The Dolomites, designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, are located in northern [...]

Story Behind The Image “Fixated”

In September, I was fortunate to spend a week in British Columbia, Canada, photographing grizzly bears along the Chilko River. This was my second trip to the area to photograph grizzly bears; my first trip was in 2018 [...]

Story Behind The Image “Reflections”

As we move into fall, I thought this would be a good image to feature. This image is titled “Reflections” for obvious reasons. The image was taken on the shores of Hadlock Pond in Northeast Harbor on Mount [...]

Story Behind The Image “Tufa Towers at Sunrise”

Sunrise at Mono Lake with Tufa Towers in the foreground. This was captured at sunrise along the southern shore of Mono Lake in California on the eastern side of the Sierra Mountain range. Mono Lake is [...]

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