Digital Transitions Artist Talk Live

Digital Transitions Featured Artist: July 2021 Steven Barger began his photographic career over 25 years ago before the advent of digital cameras. Using a manual film camera was instrumental in teaching him both the technical and visual aspects [...]

Story Behind The Image “Tufa Towers at Sunrise”

Sunrise at Mono Lake with Tufa Towers in the foreground. This was captured at sunrise along the southern shore of Mono Lake in California on the eastern side of the Sierra Mountain range. Mono Lake is [...]

Story Behind The Image “Vivid”

29.866s, Automated Frame Average - Michigan sunset along the shores of Lake Michigan using a medium format digital camera and wide angle lens and no filtration. The length of the Frame Averaged capture rendered the waters of [...]

Story Behind the Image “Sentinel”

Arctic fox sitting in front of snow coverd spruce trees near on shore of Fletcher Lake in Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada I ran across this arctic fox image while doing some much needed image cataloging [...]

Star Trail Image Capture and Processing in Light Polluted Areas

Background Night sky and star trail images are typically taken in locations where there is minimal light pollution prohibiting the stars from appearing bright and well defined in the night sky. Unfortunately, the majority of locations east of [...]

Infrared Photography

A few months ago, I decided to have one of my older Nikon DSLR cameras that I no longer used converted for infrared photography. After some research, I decided to have LifePixel perform the conversion. My decision to [...]

Photographing the Solar Eclipse of 2017

Two weeks have passed since the epic 2017 Solar Eclipse across the United States. Suzanne and I traveled to the Grand Teton National Park outside the town of Jackson in Wyoming to photograph the eclipse. Why did we [...]

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Same Location – Different Looks

Recently, I found myself planning a week long trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Since on this trip I wanted to primarily work with my medium format digital equipment, my photographic subjects would mainly be landscapes. [...]

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