Intense moment frozen in time. Aurora framing the mountains in the background and Vikbutan Bay in the foreground, Lofoten Islands, Norway. The intensity of this display lasted for a short 10 minutes.

With humble excitement, I am pleased to announce that my piece, Intensity, which was also a 2020 PPA Gold Medal Winner, has been selected as Best of Show in the 9th Annual Photography Show of the Flagler County Art League by Juror, Eric Breitenbach.

“It’s not just the northern lights but the way their forms and shapes play off the landscape. The photographer made an astute selection of the location for composition and incorporated extraordinary technique for a once in a lifetime picture.” – Eric Breitenbach

This piece, along with three of my other works, (Reaching Out – Honorable Mention | Animals, Fading Mist (Vanishing Mist) – Honorable Mention | Land/Sea/Cityscapes, and Orange Glow) will be displayed alongside a richly talented cohort of fellow photographers, and can be viewed at: Flagler County Art League.

Polar bear cub interacting with its mother outside their day-den in Wapusk N.P., Manitoba, Canada.

Sunrise through the fog at Seney National Wildlife Refuge in the Michigan Upper Peninsula.

Fishing village in Lofoten bathed by late morning light