Digital Transitions Featured Artist: July 2021

Steven Barger began his photographic career over 25 years ago before the advent of digital cameras. Using a manual film camera was instrumental in teaching him both the technical and visual aspects of photography. The training he received from several nationally known and respected photographers, helped him develop his photographic style.

Steve is very patient, takes the time to pre-visualize the image in print, waiting for the precise moment when conditions are right conditions to press the shutter button. He believes that it is imperative to get it right in camera and not rely on post-processing to correct for errors made in the field. He uses post-processing to reproduce, in the final image, elements that he saw at the time of capture.

Due to his passion for photography and the subjects he photographs, Steve strives to produce images that are technically accurate and visually appealing. His goal is to draw the viewer into the scene so that they can experience the scene as he did at the time of capture.

Phase One equipment, including Capture One software, and the support provided by the DT staff has been fundamental in achieving the quality in his images that he demands. The image quality, durability, and intuitive user interface perfectly fits his approach to landscape photography.

Steven strives to show the beauty and wonder of the natural world through his photography. With the current threats to the natural world, he believes that by making technically accurate and artistically appealing images, they can demonstrate the need to protect, as well as enjoy the world around us all. Steven has traveled to many places nationwide and abroad. His work has been on display at several businesses and galleries throughout the United States.