PPA International Photographic Competition

I recently submitted four images to the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) for judging in the 2020 International Photographic Competition. I was fortunate to have all four images selected to receive merits in the judging, which earned me [...]

Story Behind The Image “Reflections”

As we move into fall, I thought this would be a good image to feature. This image is titled “Reflections” for obvious reasons. The image was taken on the shores of Hadlock Pond in Northeast Harbor on Mount [...]

Story Behind The Image “Vivid”

29.866s, Automated Frame Average - Michigan sunset along the shores of Lake Michigan using a medium format digital camera and wide angle lens and no filtration. The length of the Frame Averaged capture rendered the waters of [...]

Story Behind The Image “Intensity”

Aurora framing the mountains and coastal waters on the Lofoten Islands, Norway For a number of years, a visit to the Lofoten Islands has been high on my bucket list of places to photograph. In March, [...]

Story Behind the Image “Innocent”

Grizzly bear cub sitting on the shore of the Chilko River in British Columbia, Canada. The image in this post, titled “Innocent”, was take this fall on the Chilko River near Chilko Lake in Ts’yl-os Provincial [...]

Story Behind the Image “Thundering River”

Caribou herd crossing the Thelon River in Northwest Territories Canada. Several years ago while preparing for a trip to Whitefish Lake located in the Northwest Territory of Canada, I was considering possible photographic opportunities that would [...]

An Arctic Adventure

Listen as our ship navigates the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean 500 miles from the North Pole north of Svalbard. Watch a polar bear take a "Leap of Faith" across an ice flow. See a bearded seal [...]

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