As we move into fall, I thought this would be a good image to feature. This image is titled “Reflections” for obvious reasons. The image was taken on the shores of Hadlock Pond in Northeast Harbor on Mount Desert Island near Bar Harbor, Maine.

The photograph was taken late in the evening on a fall day under overcast skies. There had been a light rain most of the afternoon. The red, yellow and green colors were vibrant due to the moisture from the afternoon rains. A polarizer was used to make the these colors pop in the image by reducing the glare from the moisture on the leaves.

A few things drew me to this image. First, there are pockets of red and yellow throughout the image. This adds visual interest to the image serving as anchor points and complementing the cool tones in the tree trunks.

I found the detail in the branches of the bare trees along the shore very interesting. A high resolution digital camera showcased this detail.

Finally, I like the repeating patterns of the colors, the detail in the bare tree trunks, and the soft reflections in the water.

I placed the shore below the middle of the frame to feature the background color and detail.

Even though most would agree that there is nothing unusual with this image, I enjoy its calming effect.