Story Behind The Image “Fixated”

In September, I was fortunate to spend a week in British Columbia, Canada, photographing grizzly bears along the Chilko River. This was my second trip to the area to photograph grizzly bears; my first trip was in 2018 [...]

Story Behind The Image “Reflections”

As we move into fall, I thought this would be a good image to feature. This image is titled “Reflections” for obvious reasons. The image was taken on the shores of Hadlock Pond in Northeast Harbor on Mount [...]

Story Behind The Image “Tufa Towers at Sunrise”

Sunrise at Mono Lake with Tufa Towers in the foreground. This was captured at sunrise along the southern shore of Mono Lake in California on the eastern side of the Sierra Mountain range. Mono Lake is [...]

Story Behind The Image “Vivid”

29.866s, Automated Frame Average - Michigan sunset along the shores of Lake Michigan using a medium format digital camera and wide angle lens and no filtration. The length of the Frame Averaged capture rendered the waters of [...]

Story Behind The Image “Ablaze”

A memory of nature's unique beauty. Sun rays shining over the landscape at Zabriskie Point This image, titled “Ablaze” was captured in Death Valley National Park in California a short 2 hour drive from Las Vegas. [...]

Story Behind The Image “First Light”

Rorbu's in Lofoten at sunrise I am posting another image taken in the Lofoten Islands of Norway. This image was taken in the town of Homnøy overlooking Reinefjorden with the pyramid-shaped mountain, named Olstinden, in the [...]

Story Behind The Image “Intensity”

Aurora framing the mountains and coastal waters on the Lofoten Islands, Norway For a number of years, a visit to the Lofoten Islands has been high on my bucket list of places to photograph. In March, [...]

Story Behind the Image “Innocent”

Grizzly bear cub sitting on the shore of the Chilko River in British Columbia, Canada. The image in this post, titled “Innocent”, was take this fall on the Chilko River near Chilko Lake in Ts’yl-os Provincial [...]

Story Behind the Image “Sentinel”

Arctic fox sitting in front of snow coverd spruce trees near on shore of Fletcher Lake in Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada I ran across this arctic fox image while doing some much needed image cataloging [...]

“Under Foot” Second Image to place in the top 100 in the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) 2019 Showcase Competition

Two cubs-of-the-year walking with their mother on the tundra in Wapusk N.P. near Churchill, Manitoba, Canada “Under Foot” - Second image of mine to place in the top 100 in the North American Nature Photography Association [...]

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