• Roburer overlooking the Homnøy Harbor, Lofoten, Norway early in the morning with Mt. Olstinden in the background reflected in the harbor. The roburer is a traditional Norwegian seasonal house, primarily red in color. These cottages were used by fishermen and can be seen along the Lofoten coast.

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    Robin Imaging has an online gallery featuring several artists. Each artist has their own gallery featuring pieces of their work. I am fortunate to be one of the artists and have my own gallery on their site featuring several images. To order one of these images from Robin, there will be a direct link next to the image on my web site. This link will take you directly to that image in my online gallery at Robin Imaging where you will find a menu of print mediums and print sizes available for that specific image along with pricing. An order can be placed directly from this page. Below is a list of typical print mediums and size offerings. Since the medium used is image dependent, the offering of print mediums will vary somewhat depending on the photograph.



    Photo Rag Epson Metallic Canvas Metal (gloss or luster surface) TrueLife HD Acrylic 1” Acrylic Block

    8x12” 10x15” 12x18” 14x21” 16X24” 18X27”

    20x30” 24X36” 28x42” 30x45” 32X48”

  • Rorbu's in Lofoten at twilight.

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  • Rorbu's in Lofoten after sunset.

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