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All images appearing on this website are available for purchase as either a downloadable electronic file intended to be used as computer desktop wallpaper or printing as a small, 5x7inch, print.

A large selection of these images is available for purchase in printed format. The product offerings are Note Cards; Small, Medium, Large, and X Large Lustre Prints; Medium and X Large Standout; Fine Art Canvas Wraps, Metal Prints, and Resin Prints. Since all products are printed using archival materials, the difference in each product is the presentation.

Note Cards:

Images that are available for purchase as note cards appear in a separate gallery titled “Note Cards”. Each note card is printed on acid-free, high gloss card stock. The folded dimension is 5×7 inches. Printed on the back of each card is a paragraph describing the image appearing on the front. The inside of the card is left blank. Each note card includes an envelope and is placed in a clear plastic sleeve for protection. Below is an example illustrating the front and back of a note card. Note cards are offered in either a horizontal or vertical orientation depending upon the image appearing on the front of the card.

Headshot of ice covered grizzly bear on the Fishing Branch River at the base of Bear Cave Mountain in the Yukon Territory Canada

Instructions for Ordering a Single Note Card or a Set of Note Cards:

Note cards can be purchased as single cards or as a set of six note cards. Purchasing cards in sets of six will result in a cost savings. Also please note that shipping is included in the cost of a single card or set of six cards.

To purchase a single card, navigate to the gallery page of the card you wish to purchase. There is a shopping cart icon located below the image. Clicking on the shopping cart icon will take you to a page titled “Buy This Image”. There are two rectangular boxes on this page. In the box labeled “Print/product” click the arrow to the right. This will take you to a page titled “Add to Cart”. Here you will select the quantity of cards, from one to five, you wish to purchase. The total cost will automatically be adjusted depending on the number of cards selected.

To purchase a set of six cards, either the same or different cards, start with the gallery page for the first card in the set. Click on the shopping cart to navigate to the “Buy This Image”. Here you will click the arrow in the rectangular box titled “Image Package”, taking you to the “Add to Cart” page. Here you will see the price for the set of six cards to the right and an icon to the left labeled “Note Card Set (Qty 6). Highlight this icon to place the note card in the set and take you to another page titled “ Select Package Images”. Six boxes will appear at the top of the page. On the bottom will appear all note cards offered. The note card you just selected will appear in the first box on the left. Next to it will be five empty boxes with text inside each box stating “Drag Image Here”. From the images appearing at the bottom, select the next note card you wish to add and drag the image placing it inside the next box. Follow this procedure until all six boxes are filled. When all boxes are filled, an icon will appear at the bottom indicating that you are to save the set you have selected. Clicking this button will take you back to the “Add to Cart” page where you will see that your set is ready to be added to your shopping cart.

A set of note cards could also consist of six of the same card. Here you would drag the same note card image into each box on the “Select Package Image” page. This will insure that the quantity discount is correctly applied. Please note that, if you follow the process for a single card purchase and adjust the quantity to six, the software will not apply the quantity discount. You must follow the process outlined above for purchase of a set of note cards to realize the discount.

Lustre Prints:

These prints are offered in the following standard sizes: 4×6 inch (small), 8×12 inch (medium), 11×17 inch (large), and 16×24 inch (x large). Since these sizes have the same aspect ratio as the camera used to make the image, little or no cropping is required to print the image. If you have the need for a different size print or a print with a different aspect ratio, please inquire by email whether the image you desire is available in a non-standard size. These prints are printed on archival paper using archival inks and are unmounted with no mat.


Standouts are available in two standard sizes, 8×12 inch (medium) and 16×24 inch (x large). Archival paper and inks are used to print all standout images. Each print is mounted on rigid black gatorfoam. Mounted on the back are two gatorfoam rails allowing the print to standout from the wall. A hole is provided in the center of the top rail for hanging. A clear lustre coating is applied to each print for protection. If you have the need for a different size print or a print with a different aspect ratio, please inquire by email whether the image you desire is available in a non-standard size.

Fine Art:

The Fine Art product category includes Canvas Wraps, Metal Standout Prints, and Resin prints. Each product in the Fine Art category is printed and mounted as a museum-quality presentation. Please email if your needs require a different size.

Gallery Canvas Wraps:

Canvas Wraps are printed directly onto museum-quality canvas using archival inks. A Lustre Laminate is applied to the surface of the canvas print for protection. The print is stretched over a 1.5 inch thick wood frame. Paper backing and a sawtooth hanger are applied to the back.

Metal Standouts:

Metal prints are made by first infusing dyes directly onto specially coated aluminum sheets. A lustre laminate is then applied to the surface of the metal print for protection. Each image has an enhanced luminescence with colors that are more vibrant and with more depth, detail, and resolution than conventional prints.

Resin Print:

The image for this Fine Art Print is set using the Durst Lambda laser exposure system onto Fuji’s highest quality photo paper. The print is then mounted onto a strong aluminum Dibond base for maximum rigidity. Finally a layer of transparent composite resin is poured over the picture. This unique process leaves the work with rounded edges and the impression of being surrounded by a glass droplet. The extremely glossy resin gives the image profound depth, bringing out the finest details, ensuring the color has maximum luminosity. Resin prints have a three dimensional appearance. Metal rails are attached to the back of the print for added strengthen and to facilitate hanging.


The panoramas offered are available in one standard size depending on the aspect ration of the image. Panoramas can be purchased either as a Lustre Print, Standout Print, or Metal Print. Feel free to email me if your needs require a different size.

Royalty Free and Rights Managed Licenses:

Royalty Free and Rights managed licenses can be purchased from the Image Gallery.

Commercial and Editorial Assignments, Profit and Non-Profit Organizations:

We are available for commercial and editorial assignments. Please contact us to discuss your needs and pricing. If you are a non-profit organization please contact us to discuss your photo requirements. We realize that non-profit groups do not have the same resources as for profit organization so we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Copyright Information (The Fine Print):

All content appearing on this website is protect by copyright laws. This website or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner without the express written consent of Steven Barger.

Please read the copyright information appearing in the PhotoShelter Image Gallery for all copyright information pertaining to the images appearing on this website. All images have been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.